DIY: boards, boards, boards ! 

I love making useful boards: for jewellery or hair accessories ! But only decorating boards aswell ! You can find some on sale in my etsyshop.

How did I start making these ?

I used to save things from the bin lol someone I knew had a lot of white canvas to throw away. As I don’t paint I was thinking “what can I do with it”… One day I got bored of looking for all my jewellery In so many boxes.Boxes that took too much space in my small one room flat ! So I though let’s make a jewellery storage board ! And I loved it ! I start making some and gift to friends and they loved it aswell ! 

As I had so much I made baby’s board name for my friends who were expecting and they loved it. 

So I thought it was a good idea and since then I keep on making these!  

Here’s some pictures of I did, you can make them too, it’s quick and easy ! 

Jewellery boards

Baby’s names boards 

Hair accessories board 

Decorative boards 


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