Though of the day…About handmade ‘s world 

I may be strange but even if I am a crafter and that I have an Etsy shop , alitllemarket shop (French) and sell some of my artwork via my Facebook page I still share DIY ideas & videos .

I even make My Own tutorials about things I sell.

Why ? I’m not interested in competition. In one clic, on google you can find any DIY video anyway ! 

 People can be interested in handmade but won’t be able/find time or have enough confidence to make things themselves and rather buy.

I have always helped, given advices to others even if they wanted to do the same business than me… Because I’m not interested in competition as I said ! And more than that I don’t believe in it ! 

We can make same products at the same or different price ( doesn’t matter) people will buy the style they love more.

I mean even with tutorials, even if we all make it they won’t 100% look alike ! 

Because there is a little piece of us in every thing we make ! And this is this little thing that make all the difference! 

That’s why some people even if you show and explain how to make things , will still buy from you ! They will love YOUR special little touch ! 

That’s why I will always share about things I like, tutorial videos, shops I love, others handmade artists… 

What’s meant to be will be: if I am supposed to sell I will if not someone else will ! 

I’m confident.

And we can all make it ! Together, separately and even you can do it ! 

As my slogan says : DIY, and if you can’t , I will do it for you ! 


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