DIY: mugs/glass & phone or tablet cases

I tried to draw on glass With special markers for glass but it wasn’t a succes ! As everything dissapeared after few wash 💔

 But I found the one  which stays on ! The Sharpie oil based

You can see a lot of DIY with basic sharpie but it will depend on the quality of the object you want to draw on + you will have to hand wash carefully.

But not with the oil based sharpie

Here is two YouTube videos ! One tutorial for Mugs and a second one for glass.

This is what I already made for me ! But more to come for sale ! 

[Why do I share other people’s tutorial if I sell handmade products myself? Here is the answer! (Previous post)]

You can aswell use it for cases but you can not bake it of course ! 

It stays for long ! The oldest I Made is The black tablet’s case and it’s been a year and a half ! it still exactly same ! 

Here is a video to know how to seal your projects in different surfaces.


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