My Etsy shop

Etsy is a great way to sell but you have to pay when you put your products to sell.

So it’s not interesting for me right now as I haven’t met my customers in UK  yet. 😢

My orders are for France, where I have valued and loyal customers for years ❤️️

I guess my goals for 2017 is to promote more, meet more, advertise more ! 

And if everything goes to plan I will organise some workshops aswell.

Being self employed is not an easy task especially when you come from another country and don’t know much people ! 

But I am optimistic ! I still can use my Etsy shop or EBay account to secure my new customers who order on my Facebook page ! 

So they would feel more confident because they can pay online with PayPal and have the opportunity to open a case if there is any problem (but it should not happen 😊).

I just want my customers to feel safe & confident.

Hope to meet you soon ❤️️


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