Coming back soon ! 


It’s been long I didn’t post anything nor craft anything new.

I was supposed to move out and started packing but it may not happen before November now… and I am a bit busy with parenting duties having a 19 months teething baby (every parent knows it can be long and hard… and you don’t see times going by… 🙃).

I don’t have time to craft (plus everything i need is inside moving boxes 📦 😰) so I keep designing with a great app I loooove (as anyone following me on Instagram or Facebook page knows).

Here is the Facebook page of the Design Home app.

Every day there are challenges, there is requirements but also optional items you can add to make it perfect! 

You have a budget (you earn money with each challenge) and you can vote everyday to get keys 🔑 (to enter your challenges). 

I will make another blog post to review a bit more about it when I will get some more free time.

I will hopefully be more active in 2018 I guess.

I need time to settle down in my new home and welcome my new baby… yes I am actually pregnant and expecting baby 2… so I am quite overwhelming with stress, hormones and all the little pregnancy drama 🙈 

As I told you in my previous blog post I created a Facebook group aswell to share tutorials and creative ideas in the future… feel free to join! 

Take care ! 


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