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Crafty Ramadan day 1🇬🇧

Assalam aleykoum

Have a blessed & mindful Ramadan in sha Allah !

Let’s start day 1 by exploring Islamic manners with our kids in sha Allah!

There is plenty of ressources and I’m not going to do the Islamic teaching for the reason that not all parents want to teach the same way and I think encouraging the parent to teach their own children the way they want to is better.

Through books, videos, podcasts whatever your child(ren) love(s) more. You know them better than anyone. May Allah guide us to be best way and help us be good teachers & examples. Ameen.

We are going to read Quran to our kids 5 & 3. In sha Allah.

I bought this book (showing cover & first pages but won’t show more because of copyright respect).

The book is in English and some people complain about it in reviews but I don’t think it’s something important as we can always read them in Arabic too. So they understand the meaning.

We decided to split the « work » of teaching during Ramadan. I will do the crafts activities and the pages of book with them and my husband will recite the Quran (same at as I will cover in English), in the evening for the kids.

For Day 1 I have decided to work on the subject « A better me » how can we become a better Muslim, a better version of ourselves, During Ramadan and beyond.

This activity is good for kids and even adults. We all have areas to improve.

And I’m going to do the activity with my kids to show them that I’m aware I need to improve, that adults aren’t perfect too because perfection belongs to Allah.

So I’m inviting everyone to think about Islamic manners and notice which one we are good at and which ones we need to work on. In sha Allah.

If you live in uk you can find these in Poundland for this activity or print from (Many skin tones available).

To see the PDF activity with ideas & explanations it’s HERE

Some YouTube videos:

Muslim kids TV

One4kids Zaky’s Ramadan

Good table manners

Good manners -Story time with Khala Hosai

Free printables

Manners of eating

You can find any ressources you like on Pinterest & YouTube in sha Allah.

Books : Akhlaaq building series

For Journaling I invite the sisters to do same job as the kids but like a vision board of what version of yourself you want to become , how you want to work on yourself to develop or improve more Islamic manners in sha Allah. You can use the body shape or just words (even body shape with words inside)… let’s be creative and please share pictures of your Artwork in the group ❤️ or send them to me by email for me to publish anonymously at

To see what have been done on day 1 clic HERE 👈🏼



sorry if my English is not perfect but I am French 😜

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